About Us

ITGold company founded and managed by the team of IT professionals with more than 20 years of experience. With the creation of ITGold we moved to a new era — web 3.11.

ITGold goal is infrastructure support to maintain non-stop operations of decentralized services, based on blockchain technologies. We use our own worldwide network of Data Centers and provide high availability of blockchain projects, that were created in accordance with PoS concept. Our team maintains non-stop operations of validation servers and often actively participates in development of clients’ blockchain projects.

ITGold is the major holder of cryptocurrency means. We adhere to “Hodl Only” strategy, replenishing our investments. Sizable security deposits of ITGold as the validator allow maximum protection of investments into our DeFi tools for third party investors.

Our main mission is to make the world more smart and fair minded with the help of contemporary blockchain technologies.