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In simple words we represent the modern cryptocurrency investment foundation by providing validators that create, submit or vote for blocks to be added to the chain. These validators ensure the smooth operation of powerful equipment online 24/7 and monitor security by eliminating the fines.

Total staking assets
$ 1 268 891
Own assets
$ 50 000
Total reward paid
$ 4 010

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Calculate and compare your income using the live buttons. See your projected earnings net of fees in tokens and in USD. The expected annual yield is shown as a gross percentage and is calculated dynamically reflecting network variations.

1 month
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An example of calculating interest at the cost of one freeton crystal = $0.56


Here are a few reasons why ITGold Validator is the best place for staking blockchain assets.


March 2021
Victory in FreeTon Competition
April 2021
Increase in numbers of DePool’s
May 2021
Long-term deposits within increased profitability
June 2021
Development of the Itgold.io web-site such as: statistic and profile
July 2021
Selling the Ton Crystal for real money
August 2021
Adding staking Polkadot
September 2021
Adding staking Cosmos (ATOM)
October 2021
Staking to our DePool’s through ton surf

Our Team

Aleksandr Alekseev
Ilya Vasilev
Georgiy Oskin
Dmitry Gachko

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